Thought Partnerships is dedicated to advancing non-violent, just, and inclusive societies. We create collective impact by building effective Communities of Practice.


A place for learning, sharing, and growing.


Peer-to-peer exchange and connection is a critical building block for any successful field of work and is a particularly powerful ingredient in sustaining and growing social justice movements.

Thought Partnerships creates opportunities for deep learning and sharing within and across diverse geographies to harness the collective wisdom of experts, activists, and practitioners in emerging sectors to amplify impact and advance a more peaceful world. 


Within Communities

We help seed and support civil-society-led networks in contexts where countering hateful narratives is an important strategy to prevent or de-escalate violence.



The Thought Partnerships Hub offers global practitioners access to learning, tools, and peer expertise through a virtual Community of Practice.


Across Sectors

We curate vibrant cross-sector forums where participants exchange knowledge, engage in peer review, and identify opportunities for collaboration.


Partnerships & Pilots

We help to forge truly collaborative partnerships amongst international and local actors and facilitate the design and implementation of pilot programs.