Sadia Hameed

Community Builder. Collaborator. Strategist.

Sadia is Founder and Executive Director of Thought Partnerships and has spent her career deeply engaged in field-building. Through working strategically with a range of diverse human rights organizations, identifying and inviting new stakeholders into conversations, Sadia serves as a thought partner who seeks to identify and create opportunities, connections, and collaborations that help the global peacebuilding and conflict prevention fields to thrive and grow.

Prior to Thought Partnerships, Sadia served as the Managing Director of The Nexus Fund where she oversaw all of the organization’s global programmatic interventions. She has pioneered grantmaking approaches and technical support programs in all of these portfolios with the intention of building local to global networks of action and intervention on Dangerous Speech.

Before joining Nexus, Sadia worked as the Program Officer for Wellspring Philanthropic Fund’s Atrocities Prevention and Response Program. During this time, in addition to grantmaking, Sadia founded a number of working groups including the Global Working Group to Combat Hate and Division, which she continues to convene.

Sadia serves on the Steering Committee for the Peace and Security Funders Group and is a member of their Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. She is also a member of the Protection and Prevention Working Group’s Expert Committee on Atrocity Prevention.

Sadia earned her MA in International Development in 2003 from American University’s School of International Service, and holds a BA Honors in Political Science and Economic Development as well as a professional certification in International Human Rights Laws and Practice.


Lindsey Platt

Listener. Connector. Curator.

As the Program Manager at Thought Partnerships, Lindsey works across all aspects of the organization’s programming including seeding and supporting local networks, managing the engagement of our virtual global community, forging effective local-international partnerships, and coordinating the Working Groups.

Lindsey’s professional experience and focus includes amplifying local voices, building deep global connections across difference, and curating strategic and innovative access to resources, support, and diverse networks.

With over six years experience in the Great Lakes region of Africa, Lindsey brings a unique understanding to both international and domestic programmatic interventions. Prior to Thought Partnerships she served as the International Program Manager at The Nexus Fund where she pioneered and managed an innovative cluster-grant approach that has led to the successful creation of two new national level networks in Uganda and Cameroon working to combat hateful narratives and prevent violence. She offered hands-on support, leveraged exchange and global partnership opportunities, and built capacity to create accessibility to sustainable funding streams with partners in Uganda/South Sudan, Cameroon, Myanmar, and Nigeria.

She has worked with various international organizations including Cornerstone Development where she led programs building the capacity of and supporting youth leaders in East Africa, and Invisible Children where she worked to combat abuses perpetrated by the Lord's Resistance Army in central Africa.

Lindsey completed her studies at the University of Texas at Austin, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Religious Studies. She is currently pursuing an MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence from Brandeis University.