The Hub

Working Together Without Being Together

Activists and civil society organizations in countries impacted by identity based violence have expressed a strong desire to engage in peer-to-peer learning and to benefit from the knowledge, experience, and insights of others engaging in similar work. To increase access to the growing breadth of resources, writings, and methodologies related to countering hate interventions being used in different country contexts, we invite you to explore The Hub (launching in September 2019).

This virtual space is envisioned to be a central access point for organizations and practitioners around the world to find and share knowledge and tools on countering hate. From very practical resources, trainings, and guides all the way through to more academic research and thinking, The Hub seeks to shrink gaps in knowledge by finding, sharing, and making available existing knowledge and tools with a larger Community of Practice.


The heart of our Community of Practice are our members. Inspiring and dedicated to reducing the harmful impacts of identity based violence, the practitioners that participate in this community make it a vibrant, safe, and active forum where activists can connect across geographies to virtually meet one another, exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and create opportunities for mutual support and collaboration.


The Hub provides a space where activists and practitioners identify their most urgent learning needs and our virtual community of practitioners can help meet them. By crowdsourcing skills trainings, subject matter expertise, and research our team curates a series of online learning events, roundtable discussions, and webinars that provide an ongoing opportunity for peer-to-peer learning.



The Hub Open Resource Library is where our community builds and stores collective wisdom, resources, and tools that have been designed by practitioners in different contexts and are available to a larger network around the world. Through iterative learning and implementation, our vision is for these resources and tools to be used, expanded on, and evolved in many different contexts. Our hub will also become a place to collect stories of impact, achievement, and failure so that our Community of Practice is able to evolve more strongly and coherently together.