Partnerships & Pilots

A strength of our Community of Practice lies within the deep relationships our team builds with our partners and the connections we facilitate amongst partners to create opportunities to advance their own work and enhance impact.

As a dedicated ally and supporter of activist networks and innovative practitioners around the world we take pride in helping to create truly collaborative partnerships and facilitate the design and implementation of pilot programs. With a growing list of successfully forged international-local partnerships our team is well placed to connect practitioners and philanthropists with local civil society led networks in countries at risk of identity based violence, where countering hateful narratives can be an important strategy for prevention or de-escalation.

Our team has expertise in facilitating conversations, bridging gaps, and connecting ideas to foster unique and equitable partnerships. Building trusting relationships takes time and resources that many international organizations simply do not have in-house. As a part of this Partnerships & Pilots program we:

  • Initiate and Build Connection

    • Help identify opportunities for potential collaborative partnerships

    • Connect and introduce international practitioners, researchers, social scientists, and philanthropists to local activist organizations or networks

  • Facilitate Communication

    • Plan and initiate introductory conversations utilizing our team’s demonstrated track record in effectively hosting meetings across geographies, time-zones, languages, and communication platforms

    • Help set mutually acceptable expectations for initial conversations amongst all participants

    • Act as an interlocutor between partners to effectively communicate feedback, needs, and ideas

  • Design and Assess Strategy

    • Set up and facilitate dialogue and conversations to develop and design collaborative pilot programs

    • Source ongoing input and feedback from local actors to test assumptions, build strategies, and create project plans

    • Assess and advise on the practical application and appropriateness of program intervention ideas and strategies

  • Collaborate During Implementation

    • Offer ongoing engagement through the implementation stages of the pilot partnerships

    • Contribute as an implementing partner to continue to moderate conversations, help troubleshoot challenges, assist with recalibrating strategies in shifting contexts, and work with the pilot partners to build their capacity to attract sustainable funding streams

  • Learn FROM and HELP EvaluatE PILOTS

    • Contribute to the design and development of learning and evaluation plans that can also contribute to the efficacy of each partner in the collaboration as well as the broader Community of Practice

    • Provide opportunities for learning, evaluation, and reflections from the pilot to be shared with peer practitioners and the larger Community of Practice

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