Seeding and Supporting Local Networks

Thought Partnerships identifies and supports civil-society led initiatives to understand, monitor, and counter hateful and divisive narratives in contexts where there is a risk of identity based violence. We offer small grants to cohorts of organizations working together as a network in their communities. The contexts chosen for support feature along the continuum from escalating hate crimes through to the risk of mass atrocities.

Through seeding and supporting context specific networks, Thought Partnerships contributes to expanding the global Community of Practice working to prevent identity based violence. To date our team’s small grantmaking to counter hateful narratives has been a unique channel through which we have supported a flexible and diverse range of activities from strategic planning retreats, to counter speech interventions, to media training programs, and peer-to-peer exchanges across the world.

Our previous small grants have been made in contexts as diverse as Myanmar, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Cambodia, Pakistan, Bahrain, Sierra Leone, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Thought Partnerships has helped seed and actively supports networks in Cameroon, Myanmar, Nigeria, and Uganda. Thought Partnerships seeks to support new networks on an ongoing basis.